Ania Boddy




Started as a Realtor in: 2010, but was working in commercial real estate since early 2006.

Specialization: Downtown Vancouver & surrounding areas

One-piece of advice for your clients: Buyers: shop around, feel comfortable & informed. Be confident in the purchase you are making. Sellers: Get educated on your local market; especially with comparable properties and current pricing. In today’s challenging market, a solid marketing plan and fair price will get your home sold.

Why Sotheby’s Canada? Ania took her time to figure out what firm she wanted to work with and represent. Sotheby’s reputation and quality was key. It took three interviews to complete the hiring process and she feels this speaks volumes about her and the company. Sotheby’s and Ania go above and beyond, investing time and the right marketing tools for their clients. Even though Sotheby’s offers high-quality and reputable service it doesn’t come at a higher fee, something she thinks is a common misconception with the brand.

“Working with Ania has truly been remarkable. Her knowledge, experience and uncanny ability to listen and understand her clients, exemplify what the buying and selling of a home should be: excellent and professional.” David Hung, Realtor, Sotheby’s Canada

Q & A

1. What differentiates you from the 11,000 licensed real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver area? I care and take time with my clients. It’s all about finding the right space for them. Most of my business is based in & around downtown and this requires a good eye; the market here is flooded with poorly planned spaces. Whether you are an investor or the space is for you; this is a big investment and it should be done right.

I like to keep things fun. I’m a causal person in general and I spend a lot of time with my clients so it’s important that I build trust, rapport and communication with them.

I love to shop and I always like getting a deal. It’s a trait that fits well with the job. Sometimes making an informed decision requires a good amount of research, viewings & negotiations. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience.

I also try to exceed all required educational components of the job and incorporate social media, real estate blogs and news articles to stay current.

2. Who has been your most interesting client? One of my first clients, was full of surprises. First, it was the type of property she was interested in. She fell in love with the idea of a Gastown loft, not commonly sought after by the 50-60 year-old demographic. Secondly, she really appreciated architecture; it was important to her for her home. Lastly, she was very decisive. She knew exactly what she wanted and was quick to make decisions.

3. What was your favorite success story? My clients were renting a unit Downtown and their landlord decided to sell. They wanted to stay. We were in a multiple offer situation and we lost. But it actually ended up being a huge blessing in disguise. After a number of weeks of viewing properties, we found a fantastic townhouse in Fairview with a roof top deck and amazing city views. They were able to get financing for purchase + improvements and did some fantastic renovations before they moved in. They now have a much larger space that will likely be suitable to them to grow into for a number of years. The value was incredible; I haven’t seen anything like it, at a similar price point, on the market since. They found a much better value per square foot when compared to the multiple offer location and were able to make the place their own with the renovations.

4. What inspired you to be a Realtor? My life coach. I was already four years into the commercial real estate industry and had always considered becoming a commercial broker. Through a series of sessions and reflection we realized that residential real estate would be a better fit for me. I’ve never looked back.

“Ania was a fantastic guide on our journey to our first home–from the late night bids to the final touches on our renovation. We really valued Ania’s advice, support and her great taste! We look forward to working with her again.” Kim and Morgan, Clients


 About: Ania is from the Burnaby/Coquitlam area, but has lived downtown for the past 7 years. She loves the city and the active, outdoor lifestyle that Vancouver offers; it is home to her. Recently married, she hopes to stay and raise her family there if the means allow at that time. Her life is full of social events, friends, and skiing. She and her husband enjoy heading up to Whistler often enough that they now dream of adding a vacation home there one day.

She has a strong background in commercial real estate, but knows that residential homes are her passion.

She’s Unique because…

1. She is trilingual; English, Polish & French

2. If she weren’t a Realtor she would likely be in a specialty sales representative role selling something she knows and enjoys; most likely one of her favorite beauty products. Although she is tech-savvy, she would most definitely not be software sales!

Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of):  She likes cooking, a new acquired inspiration courtesy of her husband. Her mom was very busy – working full time and raising two kids, so she grew up eating the same dinners all the time. She now has a new appreciation as her husband has opened her eyes to many new foods over the years.

She is getting into golf and plans to take lessons. It’s a challenging sport yet quite peaceful at the same time. Also in the plans this year is more time on the ski hill. She has her eyes set on keeping up with a people (in particular) and this will require more skill and confidence.

Ania also enjoys spending time with her family and cute little nephews! She is excited to start a family of her own one-day… although adamant that it is still a few years away.

Loves (can’t live without): A small latte from JJBean or 49th Parallel. Coffee has a special place in her heart.

She loves getting together with friends and having a great meal out. Preferably at a restaurant that is creating a buzz around town.  Overall she just wants to always be active and refuses to be lazy!


Ania’s favorite part of her job is when it comes time to provide her clients with the keys to their new home or leaving her sellers with a congratulatory parting gift. She knows it’s an exciting time for the client; but she shares in that emotion.

Her clients have typically been first-time homebuyers or people looking to make an upgrade on the home front.

Although there can be challenges in the job, such as dealing with unknowledgeable, unprofessional and disorganized Realtors, she believes that one of her best features is that she is a very positive person and it rubs off on her clients and associates. She’s known as a fun and enjoyable person to spend time with; an attribute that is key when spending many hours together on the hunt for a new space or negotiating the sale of a home.

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