Backyard Oasis

This week I ventured to a property that is near my home, and my heart.  When I was little, my family visited the Fantasy Gardens for one very beautiful day.   I thought it was such a magical place and it left me with an ever lasting happy memory.

The Fantasy Gardens has come and gone, but the area has keep with its past legacy, and will continue to be a magical place.  The Gardens by Townline is a complex slated to have six residential buildings containing a variety of living spaces, shops and services amongst 12 acres of green space composed of five different multi-purpose gardens.  One garden, The Farm Garden, promises to offer plots of soil to residents for growing fresh organic produce of their own.

1. The Play Gardens - An open, green patch for your children to discover, play games, and run free to your heart’s content. 2. The Farm Gardens - The City will provide Garden plots for Richmond residents who want to grow their own fresh, organic food. 3. The Contemplative Secret Garden - The simple beauty of doing nothing at all, just thinking, meditating, reading or admiring the lush scenery. 4. The Celebration Garden - Birthdays, picnics, anniversaries or the arrival of Summer – celebrate anything and everything here. 5. The Country Lane - A quaint, scenic road, perfect for leisurely walks towards the natural gardens and beyond.

The first phase with two buildings named Magnolia and Azalea are selling one bedrooms from $238,800 and two bedrooms from $309,800.   They are scheduled to be complete for January 2014.

The units are nicely finished and have been designed well to maximize space. The living space is on the small side (one bedrooms 522-589 SF and two bedrooms 707-973 SF), but if owners take advantage of integrating some of the built-in ideas shown in the showroom, the living and bedroom space could be quite comfortable. I’m impressed with how some layouts even include walk-in closets in the master bedroom and dual closets for the second room.


  1. Large garden and park access at your back door
  2. Shops to be on site including a grocery store
  3. Ironwood mall across the street for additional services
  4. Quick access to downtown Richmond, downtown Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, and the US border
  5. Access to plant your own organic produce
  6. Low 1st deposit requirement (5%)
  7. Nice finishing pieces and neutral colour palettes
  8. Layouts maximize space and flow
  1. Completion is 2014 with future phases to follow – gardens may take a few years until residents get full use
  2. Intersection of Steveston and No.5 needs to be improved for peak traffic hours
  3. Size of units are small
  4. Tub, although deep, is short
  5. Will need to consider adding space saving built-in options to maximize space

From my home to yours… -Irene