Canadiana Financial on Purchase Plus Improvements

Canadiana Financial has a fantastic product for high ratio clients (buyers with less than 20% down payment), and especially first-time homebuyers. Buyers can access up to 95% of their “improved value” of their home to do renovations at the time of purchasing.

Don’t waste money on higher interest rate line-of-credits or waiting until it’s too late and you can’t access the equity through a refinance. Consider renovations before signing your mortgage documents and roll your improvements into one easy, low interest mortgage, like Canadiana’s 5-year 2.99% special.

Increase your property value, make your home more comfortable and upgrade with modern features using Canadiana Financial Corp Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage Option.

ABOUT CANADIANA Canadiana Financial Corp, founded in 2010, is a Canadian lender with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Canadiana focuses on partnering with valued mortgage brokers to provide insured residential mortgages across the country. The company is distinguished by its strong commitment to providing brokers and their clients with exceptional service levels and support. Canadiana’s experienced management team, knowledgeable staff, and broker-centric approach have ensured the growing success of the company in the Canadian mortgage market.

At Canadiana, we are proud to have a unified vision and mission. We operate each day with a core set of values at the heart of everything we do.

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Lisa Tran

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Lisa Tran Director, Business Development Canadiana Financial Corp.