Closet Upgrades 2

I decided to convert two of my closets that I felt weren’t maximizing their use. The one closet originally had two wire shelves with adjoining hanging bars at 3’ and 7’ heights. The second closet had one shelf at 6’. These shelves are the common installed product with new builds. You can still see the placement of the shelves in the pictures. I was considering removing the shelves, but decided to keep them and add more shelving and drawer units.

To get started, I first looked at what space I had, what I needed to store and how I though I would best be able to access my items. At one point I was considering adding a table that I could sit at to do work or even ironing . Eventually I realized that my preference would be to work at our living room table and stick with my current ironing board arrangement, therefore, I made many of my supplies more portable.