Cozy Comfort

Cozy Comfort Brunswick Gardens 15, 12438 Bruswick Place, Richmond MLS: V988339

List Price: $549,800 Floor Area: 1537 Unit: 3 Beds; 3 Bath Maintenance Fee: $282.00 Taxes: $2066


  1. Cozy and comfortable downstairs living area with living, dining, kitchen, ½ bath, laundry and patio.
  2. Nice patio area including cedar deck and a small green area maintained by the strata. High fencing for increased privacy.
  3. New designer kitchen.
  4. Large master bedroom with deck and walk-in closet.
  5. 3rd floor family room or office with roof-top deck.
  6. Parks and schools nearby.
  7. Nice neighbourhood/community, near boardwalk, dyke and Steveston Village.


  1. 2nd and 3rd levels are dated and require updating – the bathroom, bedrooms and additional family room could use upgrades to modernize and maximize space.
  2. Carpet on stairs, 2nd and 3rd floors should be replaced.
  3. Kitchen is a bit snug, but an adjoining nook area provides additional storage and/or seating space.
  4. Moderately high maintenance fees.


  1. 10, 12438 Brunswick Place
  2. 13, 12438 Brunswick Place
  3. 16, 12438 Brunswick Place


2.99%; 549,800

High Ratio Loan (less than 20% down payment); 25-year amortization Purchase Price: $549,800 Down Payment (5%): $27,490 CMCH fees:  $14,363.52 Total loan: $536,673.52 Amortization: 25 years Payment: $2,537.03

Approximate income required: $116,000

Conventional Loan (20% or more down payment); 30-year amortization Down Payment (20%): $109,960 Total Loan: $439,840 Amortization: 30 years Payment: $1,851.33

Approximate income required: $90,206.31

From my home to yours - Irene