Debt: take the pressure off

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There has been a common trend with clients and colleagues over recent months. Life here in the Lower Mainland is expensive. Demands on our finances are high. In fact, Vancouverites carry more non-home equity debt than any other Canadians. And for many that is held on lines of credit and high interest credit cards. 

So why am I telling you this? Many clients are turning to Strong Mortgages to help. And we want to make sure you also know we are here for you and for those you care about. Home equity can often be refinanced to pay down or pay off other debt and rebuild your financial strategy and alleviate the immense emotional stress. 

While this may not apply to you personally, based on statistics, it absolutely applies to at least one of your neighbours. And that is why I am always available to connect by phone or via email for a confidential and candid conversation about refinancing options.

Busy schedules and ignorance will not make it go away. Dealing with debt head on and as early as possible opens avenues of great potential to be in control and managing your debt the way you want to.

Tips to make debt consolidation a successful venture..

Irene Strong