Evan Ho




Started as a Realtor in: 2009

Specialization: Westside Vancouver and detached homes.

One-piece of advice for your clients: Trust the real estate market. Vancouver is a good market. We’re only in the second inning of a nine-inning game.

Why RE/MAX? It’s a global brand with an international market reach, which is a good thing here in Vancouver.

Ongoing real estate education: Evan gets his reading done from 5-9am. He’s used to it from his days as an investment advisor.

Q & A

1. What differentiates you from the 11,000 licensed real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver area? At Wilson Ho, we truly care. Our business motto is “We treat everyone like our own family, and it’s true.”

2. Who has been your most interesting client? We met an 86-year-old teacher with no remaining family. She had an acre lot on West 2nd. The home was built by her grandfather, and was in the family for three generations. She didn’t want to leave, but the house was aging and the insurers would not renew; she was forced to move for other reasons. We sold her house & helped her find a safe place to move to. It was a difficult time in her life & she was having a hard time coming to terms with this life change, but we were able to gain her trust & got to know her quite well during the process. It was a great relationship that we were able to build.

3. What was your favorite success story? Finding the right buyers for our most interesting client. It took a lot of auction-style negotiating, but we managed to get the right Buyer to purchase the one-acre lot at west 2nd Ave, at the very highest price.

4. What inspired you to be a Realtor? My desire to help people achieve their lifestyle goals by selling their homes & buying their next perfect property. I enjoy being around people.

5. How do clients describe you and what’s your best feature? I am extremely knowledgeable. My best feature is that I’m not emotional so I remain objective. I call it like it is.

6. What do you love most about your job? The people and stories. Learning so much from different people.

7. What is the hardest part of your job? The hours and dealing with emotional buyers and sellers.


About: Evan was born and raised in Ottawa after his family moved here from Taiwan for university 55-years ago. He sees himself as a bridge from Asia. He is proud of his heritage and he knows he provides a great service to help transition new immigrants to the Canadian culture. Evan’s ability to speak Mandarin also assists many of his immigrant clientele make the shift to their new community.

Interests: Golf, Politics.

Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of): Travel the world.

Loves (can’t live without): The superficial stuff like coffee and cell phone.

Something unique about Evan:

A couple of things:

  1. If he wasn’t a real estate agent he would love to be Ari Gold (from Entourage)
  2. When he’s driving, to pump himself up, he likes to listen to Duran Duran, Reflex.


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