Gabe Kadoranian




Started as a Realtor in: 2009

Specialization: Langley, Cloverdale, North Delta, and Surrey

One-piece of advice for your clients: Don’t be afraid to be vocal. I strongly encourage my clients to voice any inquiries, concerns and feedback they may have along the way.

Why Sutton? There is great value in Sutton. There are 19 offices across the Lower Mainland and the Island we were #1 in transactions in 2011. The training and support is great and the company keeps me educated on all industry changes.

"From the initial meeting we had with Gabe we knew he was the one for us. So sure, in fact, we cancelled all other interview appointments with real estate agents that very day. He arrived prepared and really listened to us, and by the end of the meeting we knew he was genuine and sincere in the quest to find us the perfect home for our unique needs. We were most taken back with how honest he seemed and how easily we felt we could trust him. We truly felt supported by his wisdom and knowledge of the housing market. When we started to feel panicked or overwhelmed Gabe was always there to calm us down. I am so glad we had the opportunity to work with Gabe. I don’t know what we would have done without him. We talk often about what a great experience working with him was and how we happily welcomed him into our family. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!” -Erin H. and Matt P, Clients

Q & A

1. What differentiates you from the 11,000 licensed real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver area?

  1. Outside the box thinker
  2. Stress-free transaction
  3. Honest and approachable
  4. Innovative and analytical Strategies

2. What has been your favorite client experience? That’s a tough one! Earlier in the year I had clients that were first time buyers. We viewed a variety of townhomes/condos and came across a beautiful 2-bedroom condo with a fantastic view. The property was a court ordered sale (foreclosure), which meant that even after an accepted offer, we may have to compete with another offer on the court date. Additionally, if there was another offer, the amount would not be disclosed.

Prior to the court date I prepared information regarding market activity and recently sold units. From these details, I provided a recommendation on a “ceiling price” in the event they were in a multiple offer situation. On the court date, we anxiously waited at the courthouse to see if another offer was presented. The bad news, there was one. The good news, our offer was just enough, to secure the home. All our preparation and client/Realtor collaboration paid off to get the home they wanted without paying more than they needed. We definitely got the house at the best possible price!

3. What has been your favorite success story? I recently had clients that were relocating from Alberta. They were looking for a long-term family home with a rental suite. After viewing homes in a few different areas, they found the perfect one in Fleetwood. We managed to view the property on the day it was listed. I felt the property was priced well and my clients agreed and we made an offer the same day. After some intense negotiations, an accepted offer was received the following day.

Less than six months later, the same client received a job offer back in Alberta, an offer that she could not refuse. Applying my marketing strategies I was able to sell the property in three days for almost $30,000 over the original purchase price. A happy story times two!

4. What inspired you to be a Realtor? I have a passion for innovation. I like that I have the ability to tap into creative brainstorming and use outside the box concepts to help people with their biggest transactions…and I get to do this on a daily basis.

“He’s Awesome. I find him progressive, professional and I love that he’s very ethical. He’s a really great agent.” -Suzanne Carswell, Broker/Manager at Sutton Group West Coast Realty


About: Gabe grew up in North Delta with his 2 brothers and sister. He now lives in Surrey and enjoys spending his free time playing the guitar, golfing and jet setting around the world.

He’s Unique because…If he weren’t a real estate agent he would be in the entertainment industry; if not that, he thinks he would enjoy saving peoples lives as a paramedic.

Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of): Gabe likes travelling mostly because he enjoys learning new cultures and meeting all kinds of different people.

Loves (can’t live without): Golf and eating out!


Gabe believes that clients are looking for a Realtor that is knowledgeable; first and foremost they have to know their stuff. “There also has to be chemistry so that they can be open with one another, it’s very important, ” says Gabe. “Being upfront and telling them what they need to know is key.”

The best part of Gabe’s job is meeting and helping new people and getting the opportunity to be creative and activate various ideas to achieve success for his clients.

When Gabe is not thinking of his next client campaign or realtor tour, he is updating his education through the Real Estate Board and Sutton programs and meetings. He says the hardest part of being a Realtor is stepping away. He is constantly thinking about Real Estate for most of the day and it’s hard to turn the switch off, especially when he’s always thinking of new creative business strategies.

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