GMOs: Rachel Parent,14-year-old, vs Kevin O’Leary Since I watched this clip on Facebook, I have found it continues to be a topic making my personal front page. Talking about it with colleagues and friends I often wonder how the hell I have let myself become so oblivious to what’s going on around me? I am a well-educated person, who tries to stay current with the latest news and topics. I scan Facebook, twitter, and ready industry specific news, yet I have ignored discussions on GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and the like, assuming it has no affect on my life or my families life.

Rachel Parent, a14-year-old, in under 13 minutes through a debate with Kevin O’leary on the Lang & O’leary Exchange, was able to bring to my attention that I, my family, my friends, and all the people I love are living lab rats for the biotechnology giants like Monsanto. No long-term study has been done on the effects of GMOs and their safety, yet they are common in much of our processed foods found in our Canadian grocery stores, with many fresh foods awaiting approval. In Canada, we don’t, in the very least, require GMO labelling while other countries are banning their use and import.

Rachel’s campaign,“Kids right to know”, is asking for the very least, to give her and our future generation the choice to know if the products they are purchasing have GMOs or not. That way they can decide for themselves if they want to be part of the extensive nationwide GMO science experiment.

For more details on GMOs, the David Suzuki Foundation website gives an overview and the concerns lobbyist have.