iVanity Card #1: The Idea

In a selfish plug to try to build my business, I’m going to get as honest as I get…If I expect my clients to lay it all on the line so that I can do the best job for them, I should only do the same in return. My main focus will be on a subject matter that is near and dear to my heart, but one that I know is racing in the minds of millions each and every day…Women, and having it all (a successful balance of family & career), is it possible or not? My view: I think it exists, but only in very rare circumstances. “Having it all” is definitely not seen as obtainable for the masses…at least not yet. My goal is to keep the conversation going so that we don’t give up on the possibility of being an equal voice at all levels of business, especially the top, without giving up the values and time we want and need to be mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, and friends.

There will be lots to share…but we’ll get started in the next vanity card. If there’s one thing about me, I like detail…so things can go a bit long. These vanity cards are playing another important role – to help keep me focused on the short and important points. I must learn to keep things short, but meaningful!