iVanity Card #4: Blurred from Getting Lucky in my Suit & Tie

Thank you to my friend Elise for sharing “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thinke…and thank you to Facebook for making it possible that in a few short characters and one click Elise could bring my attention to a song that puts a smile on my face and a groove (on repeat) in my work day!

I’m betting “Blurred Lines” will be a chart topper for the summer, but were in a year of great soulful tunes. My friend, Natalia, told me to check out “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, we’ll Natalia, you’re right – Love it!  If we include Mr. Sexy himself, JT’s “Suit & Tie” I can only expect it to be a very hot 2013, sun or not! Personally, I can’t wait to be in the sun, playing beach volleyball moving to some of the hottest voices in music. Wishing you happy Grooving!