Jon Samuel



Started as a Realtor in: 2010, but has had previous experience in property management and the banking industry in addition to completing a degree in marketing.

Specialization: Downtown Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver West

One-piece of advice for your clients: Get a good Realtor. Don’t base your most important purchase with someone just because your neighbour’s husband’s dog walker is a Realtor on the side.

Why Sutton Seafair Realty? Sutton is well known in Canada. They offer an environment that fosters nurturing and support. I work closely with a team that celebrates each other’s strengths rather than competing against one other.

“Jon sold a place I was renting out and he dealt with the tenant and made it easy for me. He hosted open houses every weekend, both days. He sold it for the best prices in that building, even up to now I still got the best price. It was a great experience. Jon later helped me buy a place and fought for a good price. I would deal with Jon again, hands down.” -Serge, Client.

Q & A

1. What was your favorite success story? Winning a multiple offer situation for clients with other higher competing offers. I took the personal approach in speaking with the sellers. I met with them in person and explain why my clients were the right choice for their home. Both of the other offers, although higher, were sent in by email. I was physically there, and got the sellers to meet my clients. I wanted to show the connection and excitement my clients had for wanting to raise their family in the home. I’m about building strong relationships, and not just with my clients, but all parties involved.

2. Do you have an interesting client experience you would like to share? I had the opportunity to learn a lot from my first client. Working with her, I found myself getting frustrated; she was someone you would call “indecisive.” We saw at least 35 places before she was able to be confident in her choice. Going through the process was challenging, but I got to see a lot of product myself and, more importantly, it taught me to be patient and help advise on what is important to my client in finding a home. In the end she was able to get everything she wanted in a brand new home.

3. What do you do to keep yourself educated and informed on the market and regulation changes? I am constantly reading the news, latest market stats, economics, and doing my own critical analysis on Vancouver; it’s a micro-economy not like the rest of the nation, world or the US. I look closely at why we are different. I also attend the board and association educational sessions. I am always reading and I enjoy the investment I put into my career.

4. What differentiates you from the 11,000 licensed real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver area? My value as a consultant comes from combining my background and expertise with my clients’ needs. I wouldn’t recommend something that I wouldn’t do myself; I think of their money as if it were mine. I listen to what they need, give them their options and advise them so that they are confident in their decisions.

I work closely with a successful team of Realtors. We have access to 12 different languages between and we utilize this for communication with clients, language specific negotiation situations (i.e. international buyers) and the people who list their home with us love us for it!

I do what I can do go above and beyond. I had one client that had the installation of new countertops as a part of their conditions. They had a limited timeline and could only picked them up between 9-5pm; within hours and a location they couldn’t get to with their work schedule. It was nothing for me to make the drive to Abbotsford to pick up and deliver so they could be installed before completion. My clients are still so thankful for my little gesture, but its something I would do for any of my family of clients.

"Having had joint meetings with Jon, I am proud to call him one of my colleagues. Jon’s patience and client care shines through with his thoughtful questions and with his discussions with his clients. From my experience, Jon listens to his clients and tries to understand the root of their issues before finding a solution – a practice that provides better results and happier clients. If you speak with Jon just once you will know what I mean." -Eitan Pinsky, RBC Mortgage Specialist


About: Family is the most important thing in Jon’s life. He is thankful for having such a strong foundation and support system. There aren’t too many things he would put in front of his career, but family is one of them

He enjoys the outdoors in both summer and winter and is looking forward to snowboarding. However, he took advantage of the extended summer by filling in activities such as biking along the sea wall. He manages to also fit in wine tastings, art shows and hanging out with friends.

He’s Unique because… 1. If he weren’t a Realtor he would be a therapist. 2. He likes to spend some of his driving time learning new languages or listening to people that inspire him.

Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of): Expanding his business or coming up with creative ways to help people. Continually improving his level of service.

Loves (can’t live without):  What he does for work and eating out while trying new restaurants. Ideally he loves combining his loves together, like having a business meeting over dinner or talking about investments over a beer or scotch. He likes meeting with his clients in a relaxed atmosphere; it makes it more enjoyable to talk about money, investments and real estate.


Jon loves that he gets to help people write a part of their life story and build relationships that he truly values. Though there can be challenges in working with uncooperative realtors from time to time Jon thinks his clients know how enthusiastic he is about what he does and can easily see how much he cares about their needs, support and efforts to go above and beyond. To do even the small things that can make a big difference to a client’s experience.

Jon’s believes his best feature is his ability to give objective advice based on the client’s needs. He works with a variety of clients, but has typically attracted first time homebuyers (FTHB) or investors. He takes the time needed with FTHB to walk them through the process, nurture their needs and calm their nerves. With investors, Jon has a background in banking and property management that allows him to cut straight to the dollars and cents. He is also able to review the target demographic for rentals and take a holistic perspective on the investment.

He genuinely likes helping other people and, being a real estate agent, he feels he can offer his expertise to family and people he cares about.

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