Making Storage Beautiful

I love beautiful storage.  It makes my life easier, it makes me appreciate my home more and in some cases it can add value to your real estate investment.

Here are some great websites recommending ways to get organized and add some beauty to your home.  So many ideas that can lead to even more creative ways of using your closet, wall space, and shelves.

Coordinated closet 65x65Four Tips to Organizing Your Closet “People wear 20% of what they have 80% of the time,” says Donna Smalin Kuper, a professional organizer and author of How to Declutter and Make Money Now!

Jewelry storage 65x6550 Cool Jewelry Storage Ideas Take care and show off you beautiful stones, pearls, and beads. 


Stair storage 65x65Clever Built in Storage Ideas “These images are completely inspiring and really display how every nook in a home can be functional with a bit of ingenuity…”

Hanging Bags 65x65House Tours: A Stylish Home with Practical Storage “After she lost most of her possessions in Hurricane Katrina, Amanda Catalanotto, professional organizer and homeowner, rebuilt her family’s house with style and function in mind.”

Wrapping storage 65x65Ideas for Strategic Organization & Storage “Stop clutter from clogging up your home by taking an orderly approach to fixing pain points, such as your entry, kitchen, and closets…”

Closet brackets 65x65Add Brackets for Neat Stacks “Prevent folded clothes and linens from toppling with wooden dividers.”