Oklahoma Company Markets Bullet-Proof Blanket for Kids

https://www.youtube.com/embed/iaS-ekAwwM4?feature=oembed A TIME article “Oklahoma Company Markets Bullet-Proof Blanket for Kids” was accompanied with a two and a half minute video showing a product, Bodyguard Blanket, providing protection for kids at school from unexpected events such as damaging tornadoes and crazed gunmen.

Bodyguard Blanket is made from the same bullet resistance materials that shield US military. The company claims that every student and teacher should have the protection that bodyguard blankets provides, at a reasonable $1000.00 price point.

When looking at the pictures shown for the tornado disasters, it’s questionable if a blanket would provide adequate protection, but further to that, it’s somewhat shocking that it seems the Bodyguard Blanket is a reasonable solution for protecting kids from crazed people.  Wouldn’t actually dealing with the underlining issues such as market accessibility and promotion of gun ownership produce better results on the number of children being harmed?