Simmy Sandu



About: Professionally Simmy has an extensive background with over 18 years in corporate sales, business development and marketing. She has made the career transition to starting her own business and taking a long time passion and interest for real estate to now working full time in the industry. She loves challenging herself, and being her own boss has allowed her that, which encourages her to continue learning and develop amidst the trials of running a small business in a fast paced industry. “Knowledge is everything in business, you can’t allow yourself to ever become stagnant.” Which is a true reflection of her professional standards and commitment of expertise to her clients.

Interests: Golf, yoga, running, health & wellness, and gourmet cooking – Food and Wine are definite passions.

Likes (If you had more time, what would you do more of): If she had more time, and financial resources Simmy would devote more of herself to charitable initiatives and work with under-privileged children. She would also focus on the Health and Wellness aspect of her life and take her interests and explore them through a full time practice. The thought of having a full time wellness and nutritional coach, personal trainer and yoga master at her daily disposal has enticing appeal!

Loves (can’t live without): Simmy’s love of things is ever evolving. Adaptation is the key word she lives by. However, the one the one thing that Simmy can’t live without is her family, and on a lighter note her Starbucks Coffee!


Started as a Realtor in: October 2014.

Specialization: Vancouver West Side, Downtown and the Coquitlam/Burnaby area.

One-piece of advice for your clients: Don’t allow people to rush you into things. Take the time to make sound decisions. You are investing your hard earned money towards your future and you have the right to be picky. Make sure your needs are being met through a consultative process and what’s important to you is kept top of mind at all times. Build a relationship with someone who becomes your trusted advisor for the long term.

Why Dexter? Dexter has a solid reputation in the industry based on high levels of integrity, professional standards, ethics and personal service. Dexter invests in it’s professionals through training and education that is a cut above the rest. Of all the firms that I interviewed with, Dexter was 100% in alignment with my personal and professional values. Dexter also has a global presence through an exclusive affiliation with Frank Knight based out of the UK. The fact that a firm of Dexter’s size has captured such a large audience in my mind spoke volumes regarding the type of clientele the firm has dealt with over the years. What stands true for Dexter and its quality is “it’s not how big you are, but who you are that matters.”

Q & A

1. What differentiates you from the 11,000 licensed real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver area? My passion, integrity and professionalism are what I live by and I truly love helping people. I have a genuine concern for my clients and care about the decision they are making. I ensure that I focus on a long term relationship with my clients that entails becoming their trusted advisor, not just their realtor.

2. What do you think clients look for in a realtor? All clients have different mandates and needs, but the most important aspects clients should look for are to work with someone they trust, connect with, and easily build a rapport with. Like any relationship you have to like the person you are working with.

3. How do clients describe you and what’s your best feature? As a professional that comes with high standards who gets the job done, and will go the extra mile because of my genuine care for people. My attention to detail and ability to be creative would be my best features.

4. What inspired you to be a Realtor? I have been passionate about real estate my entire career and have always wanted to be a part of the industry, but my career always presented various opportunities that took me in a different direction. At this point I’m diving in and taking a long time passion and turning it into a full time profession.

5. What do you love most about your job? The ability to meet people from all walks of life, share in their experiences and help their dreams become a reality.

6. What is the hardest part of your job? I don’t find anything difficult, because for me this doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy even the most challenging components of the role and the toughest negotiations with an enthusiastic approach and a smile!

Contact Simmy Sandhu Dexter Associates Realty 1399 Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 5M9 c. 604.897.5880 o. 604.689.8226 e. w.