Today is perfect, so is Vancouver

Today is perfect. I don’t say that a lot, but I feel I should be saying it more often. My baby just fell asleep after an eventful time at the pool and park and a light afternoon snack. Now that he is down, I’ve poured myself a refreshing drink (one that should be on top selling list at any chichi lounge) and I have set my office up outside, soaking in the rays. It’s simply gorgeous out.Drink-Today-is-perfect300x450-300x310 We don’t get many days like this in Vancouver, but wow, when it happens, it’s sensational. I found myself saying how wonderful it would be to have every day like today…and then I thought again; nope.

What about those wonderful rainy nights that make you want to cozy up to the fireplace and watch a good movie, or how about the grey and crappy days that make you feel okay about spending the day at work inside? I think it’s the variety of temperatures, seasons and precipitation that actually make Vancouver so special. It allows us to really appreciate the sunshine when we have it, and acknowledge that the rain isn’t so bad compared to other winter alternatives.

We live in a beautiful landscape. There are ones prettier, however, could I live there? Born and raised in Canada, I know I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to be anything and everything I wanted. Not all have this choice. I think about other places I could move to that have the consistent year round climate similar to the one I am thoroughly enjoying today, but, as tempting as it is, my heart is here in Canada. Even if I were to pick up and leave, I’m sure I would enjoy wherever I may go (US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, Greece, etc…), but it wouldn’t be home.

The funny thing is, I think most people from their native land feel the same thing. That being said, I know many from other countries come here and feel at home as we do. While we are not always welcoming, for the most part we are. Canada is like one gigantic small town. Our largest cities are like mini cities to most and, as such, we have a small town, big heart feel. We offer a vast land with beautiful scenery with relatively low or limited pollution. We celebrate sport, family, socializing and try to stay current with the changing technologies, like the little sibling trying to keep up to our older sister/brother USA.

We may be more expensive, and have recently been shown to be less energy efficient when compared to a list of developed countries, but when you have the equivalent of the population of California spread over the 9,976,140 square kms of land (23.5 times the size of California), the efficiencies and economies of scale are hard to match.

Do I love being a Canadian? Yes. Do I love living in the Metro Vancouver Area? Yes. Am I frustrated with the housing and costs of living in Vancouver? Yes, but I understand and accept why. I believe we are privileged for the opportunity to live here. We have been given access to be able to rent or buy here, while others can only dream to be in our shoes.

To all those who complain about Vancouver’s housing prices, just remember that it’s not a right to be able to buy, but a privilege. You have the same opportunities as anyone else who lives here. If you want to own, make it happen. There are many ways to do it. I know some fantastic financial planners to get you set on a financial plan, I know wonderful Real Estate agents that know the market well and can help you start researching areas, and I’m always available to continually review your mortgage potential. There is a time and a place to buy, but you need to be ready for it. I believe the time is here for many eager buyers wanting to get into Real Estate. Over the next two years, you might have your opportunity; why not get yourself set up for it?

I love Canada, I love Vancouver…it’s a place where I have always felt confident in investing. Right now, I think the world would agree, and maybe it’s something to consider for yourself.

Well, my glass has only but a few ice cubes left, therefore, I think it’s about time for another refreshing beverage…or maybe a siesta.

From my home to yours…